The War of the World is a drama documentary series charting an alternative history of the world from a certain time point. The show first broadcast in December 2005 through February 2006. A second series broadcast from December 2006 to March 2007. The third series will broadcast in late 2007.

Season 1

The first Season of The War of the World is generally seen as the poorer of the two series so far broadcast. It asks what might have happened if the United States had won the Civil war before Veteran Fever broke out or the Fever never occurred. The series is fourteen episodes long. Among its predictions are the Anglo-German alliance losing WWI and then a stronger Austrian threat led by a man named Adolf Hitler. It also predicts that in 1938 AD, the Austro-Hungarian Empire conquers the whole of Germany, Holland, Belgium and Northern Italy. The USA withdraws from Europe, as Austrian troops overrun Poland, the Baltic States, Denmark, Italy and France. Then in 1944 AD, a German invasion force attacks and conquers Great Britain. Since then, the United States and the New Austro-German Empire clash across the globe, with the United States steadily losing ground. By the 90s, with the Russian threat from the east neutralized, the Germans invade Texas and Florida from bases in the Caribbean. The series on a cliff hanger, with Austrian troops invading the southern states and New York destroyed by an A-bomb.

Season 2

The second season asks what would have happened if Britain had fought alongside rather than against France. At first it seems like a rehash of the first series, however after episode 12 (Our finest hour) the series changes with the Second World War exploding into a global conflict by late 1941, with Britain, Russia and the Kingdom of New England battling Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan. The series ends on a cliff hanger in episode 17 (To the death) with a nuclear missile being fired at London and the Allies swarming into Germany across the Oder river and the Rhine river.

Season 3

The third series is to be broadcast in late 2007, it will follow on from the end of the second series, with the resolution of Germany's holding of the world's first atomic weapons (in universe), as well as the fate of Itlay, Austria and Japan. It has been confirmed by the series producers that a second world power will use an A-bomb in the series finale, although it hasn't been confirmed which (could Japan, Britain, Russia or the Kingdom of New England.

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