The War of the Isles was a conflict fought between Irish republicans and Ulster unionists and the British Army. The conflict began on the 5 September 1919 and didnt end until 4 May 1931. It began after riots broke out beetween republicans and unionists. The British Army were called in to control the fighting but were met by gunfire. The war had begun.

Communication with Dublin had been lost and the government of England received one last telegram it was called the Provisional Government of Ireland Telegram which stated Ireland was a free state and that its people had a right to make its own choices. The English immediately sent in troops to deal with the secession but were unsuccessful at getting through the Dublin defence.

The city was under siege for nearly 2 weeks and eventually the British gave up and returned to England. The King of England requested that the State of Ireland be recognised as a illegal state so that England could declare war on the country. The English Foreign Executive passed the decleration and Ireland was officially formed as a illegal state.

From 1920-1923 it was a quiet period in Southern and Rural Ireland. Many of the towns such as Cork, Dublin and Belfast were being attacked and Galway and Clonmel and Navan had become centres during the war. Navan was named the temporary capital of Ireland. In the Community Hall the Provisional Government of Ireland met to discuss matters within the country though they didn't know the war was about to become a whole lot worse for them.

On 22 May 1923 after 2 months of quietness from the UK a bomber plane flew over western Dublin and bombed the whole west-side of Dublin City. The Dublin Local Assembly evacuated the entire city of Dublin

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