The War of Two Emperors


June 1840-July 1845


British sailor killed by Korean soldier- Diplomatic Insult

War Goals

Annex Qingdao/Southern Guangxi regions and cut both China and Korea down to size.


British/Prussian Total Victory; Treaty of Qingdao

The War of Two Emperors (Chinese:徽钦二帝之战; German: Der Krieg von zwei Kaiser) was a conflict spanning from June 1840-July 1845. The war was fought between the combined allied powers of the British Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Indian states against the Chinese Empire and Korea. Initially, on June 12th, 1840, a Korean soldier shot at a British sailor who had landed in Inchon to trade goods. Britain was very much flabbergasted and declared war. Honoring the alliance between Korea and China, the Chinese Empire declared war. Prussia, Britain's only European ally at the time, jumped into the war on Britain's side. The war would be very influential to the demise of Chinese power as they had lost a great many poor strata in the war to a combined British/Prussian offensive. The war was primarily fought in India and China, with some engagements in Korea.

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