King Edward VII, the man who started the British Civil War.

Following the highly controversial marriage between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, discontent toward the Royal Family grew substantially, since the idea of a twice-divorced American being Queen of the UK was preposterous. King Edward refuses to abdicate, against the wishes of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, who resigns later in the month. With the abdication crisis drawing to a close in Edward's favor, uproar begins to take hold. Taking from the supposed successes of the Soviet Union, the newly created Socialist Party calls for political reforms to create the eventual Socialist Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This party is ignored by Parliament members until King Edward declares his support for Nazi Germany. With many realizing that the King is not in the best interests of the people, a new resurgence of Welsh independence sentiment occurs, culminating with Plaid Cymru becoming a major political party. The Socialist Party of the United Kingdom becomes an ally of Cymru, and together win a minor amount of seats in the UK Parliament.

After many failures at reform, On July 9 1938, a protest was staged by the Socialist Party in Trafalgar Square, numbering at 300 people. By the end of the day, all but three of the protestors had been shot in a police barrage, and the massacre had been poorly covered up as a minor disturbance by hoodlums.

As the scandal of this violent act grew, more and more Socialist and Welsh Nationalists are elected to parliament to avenge the incident. In early 1939, Edward VII, now a cordial ally of Adolf Hitler, bans the Socialist and Plaid Cymru party from holding political office. Seeing no other peaceful course of action to stop the UK's support for Germany's invasions and his disregard for the people's best interests, the Socialist Party begins recruiting registered gun holders to their party. Plaid Cymru follows the same course of action, and goes relatively unnoticed by the now conservative-dominated Parliament. Setting themselves up in Devon province, Socialist Party militants march on the HMNB Devonport Naval Base and Plymouth on April 23, 1939. After securing the border of the city, the Socialists declare the "Provisional Socialist Republic of Great Britain" before giving the Plaid Cymru-dominated parliament to vote on Welsh independence. Thus, the British Civil War began, and by its end in 1944, would have ravaged Ireland and Great Britain in ways unimaginable.