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Although the war had been Hitler's plan many Germans in the new Reichstag still wanted the war to continue and pressed Admiral Raeder and Field Marshal Rommel to come up with a war plan that would secure German objectives. The three main strategic commanders now presented their case to Rommel and it was up to him to decide on the overall strategy. Three major options emerged:

Raeder's Plan

Raeder first wanted the entire anti-semitic policy currently in place to be scrapped and the French puppet government to be put in control of France, excluding a small portion, the Alsace-Loraine area, would be annexed to Germany. A strip of French land along the coast would also be in German possession until Britain was dealt with. He also wanted German forces to occupy Africa and monopolize its resources, cut off the Mediterranean by securing the Straits of Gibraltar, and cut of British access to oil in the Middle East.

Manstein's Plan

Manstein also wanted the anti-semitic policies to be relaxed as he believed that Germany had lost her greatest scientists because of it. He wanted to invade Russia encircling the Red Army and push to Moscow. He believed that once Moscow was in German hands the USSR would collapse, thereby allowing Germany to annex previous Communist territories with little difficulty.

Von Richthofen's Plan

Von Richthofen thought the anti-semitic programs were a waste of resources, though he maintained a general neutrality. He supported a modified version of 's original plan in which the Luftwaffe would smash the RAF's air bases, while at the same time it would try to support a small scale landing by the Kriegsmarine.

Whose plan does Rommel choose?

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