1854: The first black priest is appointed in Deseret by the people of Neuvoo, and this will open up a more equal and racially open door for the nation.

Richard Charles from the Southron States establishes the Southron Railway Company, or SRC. He will being to buy up large amounts of land, and begins a line from Atlanta to New Orleans, being the first private rail line in the nation on such a scale.

In the United States, Minnesota is admitted as a state, while Oregon begins preparations to become its own, gaining a local territorial government. 

In Poland, a revolt rises up against the Russian overlords thanks to Prussian backing, as the Prussians, fearing a resurgent Russia, feel a Polish buffer and ally would suit them better than the Russian Bear at there doorstep. The movement soon beings known as the Polish Revolts of 1854, slowly growing larger and larger as the time goes on and hit and run tactics being to wear the Russians patience.

Andrew Carnegie in the United States is killed when, as he is working in telegraph booth near a railway, the train derails and smashes into the building, killing him instantly.

Chile now has a string of settlements along the Argentine border, effectively keeping them ot of Patagonia. Chilean settlement of the region begins in earnest.

1855: Peru finally manages to topple the Ecuadorian regime, installing a friendly puppet state, allowing for the paranoid ruler to let up a little bit, and some economic growth will occur during this time period.

The Southron Railway Company officially buys out several smaller lines, merging them with the New Orleans-Atlanta line, beginning the branch off lines to Nashville and Montgomery, as well as the roots of what will one day become the Montgomery to Mobile line. The New Orleans-Atlanta line is expected to be done by 1856 if all goes to plan.

The Texans officially begin plans on making more states from the current territories and states within the nation, seeing as they are too big for a nation of its size. Discussin on the matter will take some time.

California begins to grow some of its own industry, making several forges in South Baja, making for the creation of a small town called San Luca.

The Polish Revolts turn into a full blown revolution when the Russian Army moves in, causing increase of resistance tenfold, the rounding up of hostages to subdue the public by the Russians is mainly to blame. The Revolution grows to the point that by winter, the ragtag Polish forces have pushed the Russians out of large stretches of western Poland, in which they create the Kingdom of Poland, which is recognized the next day by the Prussians and there German satellites. 

As the situation grows larger and more erratic in Poland, the British, wanting neither a Russian or a Prussian state in eastern Europe, offer recognition to the new Polish Kingdom, offering to mediate between the Poles and Russians instead of the Prussians, who had eagerly offered such a deal the same time they extended recognition.

France and Spain declare their neutrality in the event of the Polish Conflict growing larger, wishing to avoid another war.

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