The Virus: Symptoms

The undead virus spreads by bite, and is quickly fatal. Reanimation takes place, on average, 4 hours after the bite, although it can vary based on the severity of the bite. many eyewitness reports indicate that a severe bite to the neck can cause reanimation in less than 10 minutes, while others indicate that a small bite on the leg or arm can take up to 8 hours for reanimation.

5 minutes into infection: rotting of the wound, heavy bleeding from it as well. Severe cough as the virus spreads to the lungs.

15 minutes into infection: vomiting, diarrhea and nausea as the virus works its way into the victim's digestive system.

25 minutes into infection: dementia, and uncontrollable mood swings as the infection begins to take over the brain.

1 hour into infection: severe headache and bloody diarrhea as the virus gets more and more control over the body.

1 hour 20 minutes into infection: the victim becomes pale and breathing becomes shallow and quick. heart rate becomes irregular as the heart is slowly taken over by the infection.

1 hour 50 minutes into infection: the arms and legs become stiff and the dementia becomes much more serious as the brain is under heavy strain not to be taken over by the virus.

2 hours 10 minutes into infection: the vision becomes blurry and unfocused as the body has now almost given way to the infection. some victims suffer acute schizophrenia according to some eyewitnesses who have seen infected people who claim to hear voices.

2 hours 30 minutes into infection: by now, the undead virus has worked its way into the mind. the victim begin to feel cannibalistic desires. by now, the victim actually becomes violent, and attempts to attack others, although it does not matter if they are infected or not.

3 hours into infection: the legs become paralysed and the arms become stiffer as the body begins to give way. the victim loses control of their bowels and bladder.

3 hours 30 minutes into infection: the victim dies as the body gives way to the undead infection. the virus sets to work on reanimating the body of the victim.

4 hours into infection: Reanimation occurs, as the brain, dormant since death, begins to function again, albeit rather differently. the whole process has now created an undead human, the first and only totally self sufficient lifeform on Earth.

The Virus: Origin

The origin of the undead virus is unknown. no-one knows if it was an animal, a plant, a biological weapon, or something else that infected the original Soviet squad members in Stalingrad that started the massive undead plague. many people have tried to research the origin, with no success. there is now large amounts of money being spent on researching the virus, should another war with the undead begin. the hope for this is that we will learn more about the undead, and maybe even create treatments for the virus. It is theorized that the meteor that crashed into Midwestern North America was the origin of the virus, but this was discounted early on because if this was true, the virus possibly would have infected the first humans who came across from Russia via the Bering Strait, and while there were unconfirmed undead attacks on Ranoake Island, there is no evidence to suggest they were there before that.

The Virus: Weaknessess

The undead are easily dispatched, but only if one knows how to. Shooting the undead in the head is , and that will bring them down instantly. you can decapitate them, but you will need to dispatch the head as well. Fire is sometimes a useful weapon, but this is not recommended as in general it can take too long, unless they are burned by something such as Molotov cocktails or flamethrowers, in which case. The undead rot, being dead, and this will(eventually) kill them. This is why infested areas usually become safer over time, as the dead rot to nothing. This has also become a factor in military campaigns against the living dead(i.e rather than launching attacks on isolated areas like islands and risking the lives of soldiers, the dead were simply allowed to decay) and has also led to many situations where an undead's legs would collapse from decay, and the creature would often drag people down to the ground and kill them. other from these methods, and a few alternatives, the living dead are practically impossible to kill. this is partly why, early in the war when few soldiers had known how to deal with the undead, human forces were routed from every defense point.

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