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The Unity
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: North England and the Midlands

"Faith, Power, Unity" (Latin)

(and largest city)
  others Unity English
Ethnic Groups
  others Miscellaneous
Demonym Fennish
Government Religious Absolute Monarchy
The Prophet of The Unity
Population 100,000 
Currency N/A (Barter)

The largest state in Britain, from 1917 to its destruction in 1932, The Unity ruled much of England with an iron fist. Dissenters were sent north, to rebuild The Great Wall, between the Heathen and those of the Faith. The Unity's attacks swiftly brought Wales to heel, but this back fired when the Fennish supplied the Free Welsh with weaponry and food. Within two years, from 1920 to 1922, The Unity lost all their lands in Wales, and the dissenters that were at The Wall, repairing it constantly, rebelled. The Londian Empire, allied with the Scots, the Welsh and the Cornish, launched an assault on The Unity.

Londian Lancers rode north, their hooves slicing into the turf. Lances lowered, the charged forwards, whilst the Welsh arrows decimated The Unity forces, and the Scots came south. Despite the efforts of The Unity, the wall was no obstacle, and the hulking Scots shattered The Unity's reserves, and their Rear. The Unity forces retreated to Leeds, which was put under siege for nine years, from 1923, to the surrender and destruction of their forces in 1932. With the fall of The Unity, a multitude of smaller states sprang up throughout the area.

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