The United Superpowers is a timeline which has many PODs by the end of these,there are many superpowers in the world.


  • House of York was on the English Throne at the beginning of the War of the Roses and that becomes the War of the Lion and the Rose,which York wins.
  • Portugal and Great Britain sign an alliance and after the Spanish Armada is defeated Spain is invaded and Portugal takes Castille while Britain takes Aragon.
  • Iberia and Italy unite (Iberia being Portugal)
  • Iberia-Italy and Great Britain unite into the Union of the Crowns of Iberia,Italy,Britain,and Ireland.
  • The Union of the Crowns inherits Normandy,Brittany,Tolouse,Aquitaine,Corsica,and Flanders within France
  • The rest of France beside the Duchy of Burgundy is inherited by the King of France(Duke of Ile-de-France)
  • The French sign a deal with the Union of the Crowns which says that the King of the Union gains the Duchy of Orleans.
  • France attacks Orleans,they then lose a war which makes the kingdom,if heirless,go to the Union.
  • The French sign a treaty which gives the HRE the Duchy of Burgundy but it has to follow Salic Law and Arelat no longer does.
  • The French King dies and the Union of the Crowns takes France.
  • The UC inherits the Rhineland except for the Prussian Rhine as well as Burgundy,Arelat,and Free Burgundy.
  • Venice is partitioned with its Italian Territories going to the UC and its Croatian territories going to Austria.
  • Prussia,Austria,Hanover,and the UC partition Germany,remnants become Hanseatic Republic.
  • The Germanic Confederation is formed from the HRE,it excludes Habsburg territory outside the HRE.

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