Previous - 1939-Soviet Invasion of Poland (CYOAH)

President Roosevelt refuses the Commie's plea for help, instead focusing on the Great Depression at home. Germany is conquered in less than six weeks, but the Communist empire is insatiable, and Stalin will not quit with just Germany, heading out in every direction. Roosevelt gets a call from Winston Churchill, a call for help from the USSR, and, knowing that this would help the economy more than any stimulus package could, engages the US in total war. After a few months of preparation, France, Italy, and the Middle East have been occupied, leaving England as the last hope for freedom in Europe. Just as the Soviets launch a final invasion of the country, US forces arrive as if on schedule, driving back the Communists. It is a grueling five years, but eventually, Europe is reclaimed, and the Soviet Union officially dissolves when the US takes Moscow.

Without an opponent, the Cold War never happens, resulting in a much more powerful America, and very few nuclear weapons the world over. Without the influence of the USSR, China never becomes Communist, and joins the US in the fight for righteousness. As the US is seen as "the good guys" around the globe for freeing a continent from Communist Tyranny, it has virtually no enemies, and is accepted as a global force for good. Peace and stability is brought to the Middle East early on, resulting in nonformation of the Taliban, and thus no Iraq war or War on Terror, meaning the 2008 stock market crash never happens. With these event set in motion, the United States leads the planet in advancements scientific, political, and social. Some would argue this is a perfect world, some would disagree, but all this is attributed to a certain President, without whom, none of this could be possible.

End of Storyline

Jazon Naparleon 22:58, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

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