The United States of the Albemarle
Timeline: Radioactive Tide Reloaded! (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Outer Banks of Virginia and North Carolina
Albemarle is shown in yellow on the east coast of North America
Capital Nags Head
Largest city Norfolk
Language English
Ethnic Group Albemarlan
Government Democratic Republic
  legislature Consuls and Senate
Established 335

The United States of the Albemarle is a country located in OTL coastal North Carolina and Virginia, founded in the year 335.


In 335, the islands came together to take down the current ruling island, Roanoke. This also marked the statehood of Ocracoke.

Urban Areas

Many urban areas have sprung up in the ruins of old cities, most notably Nags Head, Elizabeth City, and Norfolk. These urban areas are the centers of trade for many of the islands. Another urban area, based around UNC Wilmington, is the scientific capital of the States.


Much of the culture in the States is based on their life by the ocean. Most of the people are fishermen, and many also have second jobs as beach combers.


The governmet of the states includes a Judicial Branch with nine judges, a Legislative Branch with a unicameral Senate, and an Executive Branch with two Consuls.

Foreign Relations

The States have no formal relations at this time, except with smaller tribes on the outskirts of State territory.

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