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Flag of the United States of China.

The United States of China, or Zhonghua Lianhe Gongheguo (中華聯合共和國) is a federal republic located in East Asia. To the north it borders the United States of Russia, to the east the Republic of Korea, to the west the Kingdom of Tibet. To the south it borders the Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Laos, the Democratic Republic of Myanmar, the Kingdom of Nepal, the Protectorate of Bhutan, and the Republic of India. Its capital is Peking, and the largest city is Shanghai. China is a dominant ally of the United States in East Asia.

China has had a history of dynasty changes and monarchic rule; however, on 1911, the Chinese Qing Dynasty was overthrown by Sun Yat-Sen, who then let Yuan Shi-Kai take over as president. Yuan took advantage by proclaiming himself Emperor. This enraged Sun Yat-sen, who fled to southern China to set up a Kuomintang government there. Soon, there were two governments: the Beiyang regime in the north and the Kuomintang regime in the south. There were sometimes civil war between the two sides; however, when the two sides realized that the Chinese Communists were to be feared, they united and turned against the Communists. On 1930, both sides agreed to form a coalition government, the United States of China.

On 1934, the Republican Chinese invaded Kiangsi, which was the hiding spot of the Communists. Mao Zedong, leader of the Communists, along with his partners, were captured and killed. After the fall of Communism in Kiangsi, the Republicans claimed victory, quickly disintegrating the Communists.

On 1937, the Japanese invaded. The United States of China, along with other Allied powers, quickly defeated the Japanese. After Japan surrendered on 1945, China was granted annexation to Mongolia (which was annexed by the Russians) and some islands part of the Ryukyus.

After WW2 ended and everything was settled, China began to regenerate. President Chiang Kai-Shek introduced a five-year economic development plan that tripled the GDP per capita of an average Chinese citizen. Chiang Kai-shek also successfully negotiated with the Western Powers, who agreed to return Hong Kong and Taiwan to China.

During the Cold War, China was an important ally of the US. During the Korean War, the Chinese answered to the US call for assistance by sending troops across the Yalu River, crushing North Korean Communist forces. China also supplied the US in the Vietnam War, leading to the defeat of the Vietnamese Communists and the establishment of the Republic of Vietnam.