The United States of French America
Flag Coat of Arms
The Union flag the Stars And The fleur-de-lis

In God We Trust (English French)

Anthem "Viva LA Vida"
Capital Washington D.C
Largest city Chicago
Other cities New York


  others German

Spanish Russian Cherokee Sioux Iroquois Hawaiian

Religion Catholic

Christian Islamic

Ethnic Group Caucasian

Black Slavic Native American Asian

Demonym Franco American
Legislature Federal Republic
George Wilson
Joseph Allen
{{{area}}} km²
  water (%) Atlantic
Population 14,456,000 
Independence from France
  declared July 14 1789
  recognized July 4,1793
Currency Dollar


In 1607 the first European colony Jamestown was established local Native Americans showed the colonists how to plant crops and help them build towns in return the colonists invited the natives to a feast which is celebrated as thanksgiving but after a few years the friendship turned into bitterness when colonist tricked the natives into selling their lands this event would lead to a war known as King Philip's War Which ended in a colonist victory  two years later France started to colonise the northern part of America tensions between the English and the French exploded into war many years later in 1754 the British empire and the kingdom of France went to war with each other which ended in a French victory After France Defeated England In the french and Indian war England ceded all her north american colonies to France tension between the English settlers and the french were high but both sides were able to settle their differences but tensions between the settlers and the Native Americans rose when the settlers move into their lands and hunted Buffalo which Native Americans use for food and to make their houses the tensions exploded into violence when native Americans attacked and killed a group of White settlers one managed to escape to a nearby town and told town governor about the massacre in reprisal the governor sent a regiment of militiamen to attack the nearby native american village killing most of the native american inhabitants the survivors retreated to other villages. 

The Revolutions

In 1785 England attempted to reclaim their North American territories by invading the 13 colonies prompting France to declare war on England the war ended with French victory but at a cost the war left France in debt so King Louis raised taxes to pay the debt angering both the French people and French colonists and on July 14 a Parisian mob of 100,000 stormed the Bastille thus starting the French revolution once the Americans found out about the French revolution decided to follow the revolutionaries example and declared independence on the same day but King Louis was planning to escape the revolutionaries in France by going to America but when the colonists declared independence he had no where to go and the French military sided with the revolutionaries and on August 10th,1792 he was arrested by the national convention and on January 21,1793 sentenced to death by the guillotine the French American colonists stating they no longer belong to France sent a copy of the declaration of independence to the French revolutionary government the national convention debated on rather to keep America or give them independence one side stated that France needs America to help rebuild France another side stated that France is no longer a monarchy and liberty should be given to French America the national convention decided to keep America and sent troops to keep America under French rule in response the colonists formed the national guard to fight the French soldiers who were poorly trained at Lexington thus starting the American revolution which ended in a American victory 

== Military

The United States possess one the world's most powerful militaries because of the many attempts by foreign Nations to conquer North America the country decided to protect their liberty a strong military is needed the U.S. military is mostly use conscription to recruit men but if the time is necessary the military will draft men to service.

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