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The United States of America
—  Symbols  —
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Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Coat of Arms
"The Defence of Fort McHenry"

Political Status


July 4th, 1776 (declared independence), September 3rd, 1782 (independence recognised)
Capitol Annapolis
President Daan Brek
Government Unitary State, Democracy, Republic
Population 374.9 Million (2013)
Official languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Afrikaans, German

The United States of America, USA or US is a sovereign state located in North America.



The USA does not differ very much from the population of the Americas in our own timeline. America has about 53% of Western Europeans (most of which are French, German, Irish and Hispanic) in its population as well as many native groups but it also has incorporated multiple Asian and African peoples during its short history.


Music in the US consists of mostly rock but it also includes Japanese Pop or J-Pop, Latino Pop, French Rock and countless others. American Rock and J-Pop are the most common music formats in the The United States and they heavily influence a lot of culture, especially in the Westernmost states.


The USA consists of many languages due to its status as a global superpower but the most common languages spoken are English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. German, Russian, Chinese, and Afrikaans are also common. Some languages are spoken exclusively in certain regions of America such as Spanish, which is spoken mostly in the South and in areas with large Hispanic populations. Japanese and Chinese are often spoken on the Western coast and on Asian mainland and Afrikaans is fairly common in the Eastern states.

Flag of The USA

Columbian Empire Flag 2 Alt 1

The Flag of America (known as "Freedom's Price") borrows colors from the British Flag and style from the British flag. It keeps the original flag design of the United States (the thirteen stars and thirteen stripes) but also adds a small crescent that is reminiscent of the Liberty Flag and has the snake from the political cartoon "Don't Tread On Me". The flag was also designed by Betty Ross, the original creator of the first flag of the USA.
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