The United Kingdom of Lao-Cham
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Vietnam, Laos
Dragon no star flag No coa
United Flag Coat of Arms
Location of The United Kingdom of Lao-Cham
The Location of the United Kingdom of Lao-Cham in Teal

Capital City Than Hoa
Largest city Thang Long (Hanoi)
Other cities Indrapura (Da Nang), Vijaya (Qui Nhon)
Language Lao (ພາສາລາວ) and Cham
  others Thenmobist and Hindu minorities
Ethnic Groups
Cham and Lao
  others Thai, Sinica, Japanese, and Khmer minorities
Demonym Cham or Lao
Government Monarchy
  legislature King
King Photisarath II
  Royal house: House of Lao-Cham
Established 916 (163 AD)

The Foundation of the United Kingdom of Lao-ChamEdit

The United Kingdom of Lao-Cham was established after the marriage of Prince Photisarath II of Lao and Princess Trieu Nih of Champa and the death of their respective parents. The new Kingdom was the joining of the two Kingdoms of Champa and the Lao Kingdom. Both of these areas were established after the Blossoming of the Southeast Asian Peninsula in 907 (154 AD) which led to the Lao, Khmer, Thai, and Cham ethnicities declare their independence from the Srivijaya Empire. The Lao were a small Kingdom but they wanted to established themselves on the political stage of Asia. They were a people ready for war and the Srivijaya supporters who resided in the area that became the Lao Kingdom suffered some of the most brutal punishments. The Lao had only one major port, in Thang Long (Hanoi). and it was where the troops of their coutnry went to meet up witht he Khmer and Thai during the Invasion of Sumatra. The Cham had many ports as well as a rich agricultural landscape but they chose to export their products to other Kingdoms and Empires around the South Sinica Sea. The Cham were a peaceful people a decried violence though they needed protection from the other Empires, such as the Japanese or the Sinicans. This would come from the large army and violent nature of the Lao peopel who could not properly defend themselves or the Cham without access to their wide ports and extensive trade money. Despite the difference in culture the Lao and the Cham were able to foudn a stable dynasty and a stable Kingdom.

List of Kings of the United Kingdom of Lao-ChamEdit

Photisarath II 916-931 (163-178 AD) Son of Photisarath I of Lao who was the first King of the Lao.

Triệu Đà 931-948 (178-195 AD)

Lý Phật 948-955 (195-202 AD)

Hải Tiết 955-971 (202-218 AD)

Tiền Ngô 971-987 (218-234 AD)

Tiền Ngô II 987-1001 (234-248 AD)

Bộ Lĩnh 1001-1025 (248-272 AD)

Tiền Ngô III 1025-1041 (272-288 AD)

Photisarath III 1041-1064 (288-311 AD)

Tiền Ngô IV 1064-1077 (311-324 AD)

Nhật Tôn 1077-1093 (324-340 AD)

Chương Thiên 1093- (340- AD)