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In this alternate history, the U.S decides to become a constitutional monarchy instead of a republic.


UKA flag

The official flag of the United Kingdom of America

Name: The United Kingdom of America

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Current leader: King Matthew Washington III

Capital: Washington D.C

Largest city: New York City

Map of the UKA

Official language: English

Official religion: Christianity

List of Rulers

  • King George Washington (1776-1786)
  • King George Washington II (1787-1817)
  • King George Washington III (1818-1838)
  • King Jack Washington (1839-1845)
  • King Walter Washington (1846-1856)
  • King Jack Washington II (1857-1869)
  • King Mark Washington (1870-1885)
  • King Ryan Washington (1886-1890)
  • King Daniel Washington (1891-1905)
  • King Nathan Washington (1906-1915)
  • King Wayne Washington (1916-1924)
  • King Matthew Washington (1925-1937)
  • King Samuel Washington (1938-1946)
  • King Matthew Washington II (1947-1955)
  • King Darrell Washington (1956-1972)
  • King Jack Washington III (1973-1987)
  • King Ryan Washington II (1988-1995)
  • King Bob Washington (1996-2004)
  • King Matthew Washington III (2005-Present)


American Revolution

Around the 1770s, the Colonists were tired of Britain taxing them for stamps and tea. So they revolted in a revolutionary war that lasted for years. In the end, the colonists won and they were free from Great Britain.


After the revolution, The citizens decided that George Washington should become king if he chose to. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and King George Washington created the U.S. Constitution and developed a constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom of America.

Western Expansion

Later, the king at the time ordered that some settlers should explore the rest of their land. So they did and it took many years to explore westward. They set up colonies in central UKA. Many citizens moved west and the population of the UKA increased.

Slavery Abolition

Around the 1860s, The United Kingdom of America noticed that many of its other European countries are freeing their slaves. So in 1867, The United Kingdom of America abolished slavery and shifted their economical focus to free-market capitalism.

Immigration Era

During the late 1800s, and early 1900s, Many Europeans moved to the United Kingdom of America, Many immigrants were looking for refuge and hope from what they've been through. Many of them landed in New York City. The UKA's population expanded due to immgration.

World War I

Around the 1900s, Germany allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to become the Central Powers. France and Britain, later got involved in the war, So the UKA heard that their European "neighbors" were at war, the UKA sent to troops to Europe and many bases had trenches. It took 4 years, WWI finally ended in 1918. The UKA along with France and Britain won.

Roaring Twenties

After World War I, The UKA's economy boosted and many advancements in technology were made at this time including cars, cameras, and radios.

The Great Depression

Then later in the 1930s, The UKA's economy crashed, and many American people became poor, The current king at the time, King Matthew Washington the 1st tried to help but could'nt.

World War II

In 1938, Germany allied with Italy and Japan. Germany attacked Poland, and Adolf Hitler rose to power and became leader of Germany. Meanwhile, the UKA elected a new king, King Samuel Washington, King Samuel helped lead the American troops to fight in World War II. The UKA allied with France, Britain, and Russia.It lasted for 6 years, eventually by 1945, The UKA and its allies won World War II. The UKA's economy boosted substantially

The Technological Revolution

After World War II, The United Kingdom of America went through a huge technological advancement boom, Televisions, computers, video games, and phones. The tech boom started in the 1950s, and went all the way to the 1990s.


However, On September 11, 2001, 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers. The entire United Kingdom of America was devastated, People know this day as Rememberance Day.

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