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United Kingdom of America (UKA or U.K.A.), formerly called the United States of America (USA or U.S.A.) and America, is an Absolute Monarchy consisting of fifty states. The country is situated in central North America. Belle Meade, Tennessee, is the royal capital district. The country is bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The country also possesses several territories in the Pacific and Caribbean. The UKA is the world's only hyperpower. The Bradford family took control of the Federal Government on January 1st 2013 in hopes of turning the country around in order to better the lives of the people. The Monarchy has successfully lowered the national debt, raised the average family income, lowered growing gas prices, and made the publics voice heard through all national decisions that will effect the nation's people. After only one month of the new monarchy, Queen Gwin received an approval rating of 98%.

On November 20th, 2008 a lady named Gwin Orr began to campaign for public office. Her goal was to be a member of congress by running for senator to represent the state of Tennessee. Her platform covered many different topics from welfare reform to building a stonger education system and everything in between. To her surprise, she lost the election. During the course of the next 5 years she built up a support group of 1 million supporters, even including a former president. She dominated the political world with her ability to relate to the people. She made history on March 15th, 2011 when she was the first person other than a past American president to address the nation's people and congress by giving her own version of a State of the Union Address. After her speech, 25% of congress believed that she should run for president. She did run, but President Obama won his second term. After this defeat, the nation's people were outraged. The administration at the time had worn out their welcome and no longer supported the peoples opinions while governing the nation.The speaker of the house during the Obama administration suggested to Gwin that she get her supporters together and over throw the current president. Gwin ordered a proclamation to be written and 65% of the population and 81% of the current government signed the paper. on January 1st Gwin, backed by military guards and governors from each states, walked peacefully onto the white house lawn, into the oval office, and dismissed The 44th and last president of the United States Of America from his position and off the property. The current supporters, 85% of the nation's population, knew that with the current congress, Gwin wouldn't be able to pass any laws. When a governor from California offered the idea of an Absolute Monarch, the citizens praised the idea. Ten days later Gwin's coronation was held on January 10th 2013 at 12:00pm CST in the US Capital Building. Her official title is Her Imperial Majesty Queen Timmey Gwindale Bradford Terry Orr of America. Her first order of business was the dissolution of congress which took place the day after the coronation. A whole new system of governing was underway and the Queen was in complete control. The countries name was change on March 1st 2013 in order to symbolize the new monarchs power.


Belle Meade, Tennessee

Washington D.C. 

Official languages: English
Government: Absolute Monarchy
 -  Monarch Her Majesty Timmey Bradford
 -  2nd in Command HRH Princess Christy Amador
 -  3rd in Command  HRH Prince Dillon Ocana
Legislature: Imperial Congress
 -  Upper house House of Governors
 -  Lower house House of Mayors

The Royal Dollar


The King and/or Queen holds the title General, Admiral, and Commander-in-Chief of the nation's armed forces and appoints its leaders. The United Kingdom of America's Monarch administers the armed forces, including the ArmyNavyMarine Corps, and Air Force. The Coast Guard is run by the Department of Homeland Security in peacetime and the Department of the Navy in time of war. The armed forces have 1.4 million personnel on active duty. The Reserves and National Guard brought the total number of troops to 2.3 million. The Department of Defense also employed about 700,000 civilians, not including contractors. The UKA has the world's largest and strongest military.

History (In Order)

-Native American and European contact

Europeans and Indians


The Mayflower Compact

-Independence and expansion

Declaration of Independence signing


-Civil War and Reconstruction Era

Civil War


Ellis island 1902

-World War I, Great Depression, and World War II


-Cold War and Civil Rights era

Cold War

- Modern Era

New York


The Monarch combines legislative, executive, and judicial branches which are led by royal family members to form the basis of the country's government. The Royal Family has complete control over congress. The  Government is composed of three branches:

  • Legislative: Imperial Congress, made up of the House of Mayors and the House of Governors, that aid the monarch in law making. Each state gets one seat in the House of Governors. All Governors are currently in office by election from the people in their own state. Each state gets three seats in the House of Mayors. Mayors are currently in office by election from the people in their own state. The three Mayors are from the three most populated/largest cities in each state.
  • Executive: The King and/or Queen is the General of the military. The monarch makes all of the laws with the input of the Imperial Congress, and are responsible for the people. Also, the monarch appoints the members of their cabinet and other officers, who help them administer and enforce laws and policies.
  • Judicial: The Supreme Court and lower federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the Monarch and Imperial Supreme Judge of the Land, help to interpret laws.

Opening of congress: July 4th 

Royal Family Imperial titles (major): Titles are given by the monarch.

HM Queen Timmey Gwin Bradford Orr - Head of State and Government/Ambassador to the United Nations.

HRH Robert Orr - Leader of the House of Governors/Secretary of the Treasury/Secretary of Energy

HRH Mario Amador - Leader of the House of Mayors/Secretary of Transportation/Secretary of Agriculture.

HRH Princess Christy Amador - State Minister for Foreign Policy/Secretary of State.

HRH Prince Dillon Ocana - Secretary of War/Leader of Armed Forces/Secretary of Health and Human Services.

HRH Princess Herminia Amador - Imperial Supreme Judge of the Land/Imperial Attorney General/Secretary of Education.

HRH Prince Orville Bradford - Secretary of Defense/Secretary of Homeland Security.

HRH Princess Carolyn Bradford Griffin - Secretary of the Interior/Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

HRH Chase Morton - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

HRH James Bradford - Secretary of Commerce.

Not all members of the Royal Family hold government titles. The Monarch has the authority to relinquish and grant any title/position of their own and any other government official, at any time.

Due to a request from the Queen, she does not govern the country alone. Her grandson and daughter help her with public affairs, decisions with military, and foreign policy. Their titles are directly under the Queens in rank.

Political Parties:

The United States has operated under a two-party system for most of its history. After government take over in 2013, the UKA still runs under the Republican and Democratic parties for the Governors and Mayors. 40% of the Royal Family classify themselves as Conservitive Republicans, including the Queen herself, and the other 60% are Liberal Democrats.

The Royal Family  

Bradford Monarchy:



Bradford Royal Family -$900,000,000,000,000

The Bradford Monarch is currently is richest family in the world. 

Official Residence of the Monarch:                                                           Monarch: Bradford

Queen Gwin Palace

Belle Meade Palace

Her Majesty Queen Timmey Gwin Bradford Terry Orr

Her Majesty Queen Timmey Gwin Bradford Terry Orr of America

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