Union of Roman Republics
Unione Romanus Reipublicae
Timeline: Battle for Earth: The Forge (Map Game)
Flag Seal

Senatus Populusque Romanus (Latin)
("the Senate and the People of Rome")

Anthem "Ave Roma!"
Capital Nova Roma (Titan)
Largest city Nova Roma (Titan)
Other cities Nova Carthago (Titan), Nova Moscua (Pluto), Nova Paris(Triton), Nova Athenia (Rhea), Nova Constantinopoli (Dione)
  others Chinese, Turkish, Mongolian, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc.
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic Groups
Eastern European, Turks
  others Chinese, Viet, Mongol, Arab, Berber
Demonym Roman
Government One-Party Socialist State
  legislature Senatu Romano
Prima Civis Gaius Julius Octavianus Antony
Currency Denarius (D)
Internet TLD .SPQR


Seantu Romano

The Seante of Rome (Seantu Romano) is elected with two senators from each Roman Republic. The Senate is the legislative body of the Roman Union. The Senatu Romano is the only body that can judge any crimes commited by the Prima Civis, any charges of Piracy, and any charges of Treason or High Treason.

Prima Civis

The First Citizen (Prima Civis) is elected by popular vote from the entire nation, the Prima Civis is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and oversees the entire executive branch. The Prima Civis can suggest laws to the Senate for them to pass or regect. The Prima Civis often wields considerable power as he controls not only the entire military and is often feared thus. He can use this power quite often to 'compel' the Senate or political dissidents from dwaying to many other people.

Consilium Salutis Publicae

The Consilium Salutis Publicae (Committee of Public Safety) is an independent arm of the military that reports only to the Prima Civis, its primary job is espionage and counter-espionage. Its latter job description mainly involves arresting those who disagree with the Prima Civis or the laws given forth by the Senatu Romano. They have set up a large prison system on Pluto's moon of Charon that composes the entirety of the moon.


The Legion is the Army of the Roman military. It is composed of four main corps- the Exercitus, the Tormenta, the Aer Exercitus, and the Commeatus.


The main part of the Legion. It contains the majority of the Legion with the
Imperial Guard

Roman soldier fighting against capitalist rebels

infantry making up the vast majority. It also contains the armoured regiments and special forces.

The infantry are all given basic training at Fort Caesar on Titania. They are drilled in basic infantry tactics, basic drill, weapons use, survival, and are highly indoctrinated to fight for the Prima Civis and Rome.

The armoured regiments have all gone through basic infantry school but are sent to armoured school in Fort Augustia on Iapetus where they are taught how to drive the vast majority of vehicles used by the Legion and how to load and fire a main vehicle weapon.

Imperial Guard Stormtrooper by Robban O

A Roman Special Forces trooper

The special forces are infantrymen who have been selected for specific bloodlust and the 2% killer instinct found in humans. They are trained in the secret facility known only as The Pit located deep in the Kuyper Belt. It is unknown what occurs there but it is known that they are mentally and physically tortured and are trained to the point of near death. When they emerge they are little more than demons waiting to be pointed towards their victims.


The Tormenta is the artillery arm of the Legion. It contains some of the most
M1077 Mobile Artillery

The M1077 Mobile Field Artillery

feared pieces of long range death dealing in the solar system.

All members of the Tormenta receive training at Ft. Jupiter on Triton. They are trained in basic artillery tactics, basic drill, personal weapons use, artillery use, survival, and are indoctrinated to fight for the Prima Civis.

The vast majority of the Tormenta are well versed in siege tactics, urban artillery warfare, and all other modern and less modern doctrines of artillery use. They are known to be ruthless in their firing often intentionally missing their target to hit civilian populations or hospitals. They are also known for being highly accurate to a point of being inhumanly accurate; in several cases they were able to put a shell into the window of where an enemy was fighting.

The Tormenta also controls the land based weapons of mass destruction such as IPBM (Inter-Planetary Ballistic Missile) or tactical nukes, anti-matter weapons, etc. They are all trained at Ft. Saturn on Rhea.

Aer Exercitus

The Aer Exercitus is the air force arm of the Legion.

Future Planes

Roman aircraft attacking a rebelling city with a nuclear weapon

The Aer Exercitus members are trained at Ft. Italia on Iaeptus. They are all taught the basics of airmenship, air craft repair, survival, personal weapons use, and are also indoctrinated.

The Aer Execitus flies air craft into battle against planetary invaders and against planetary enemies. They may not fly the most advanced or most costly aerocraft but they do fly the most effective. They are known for their ruthless attacks and often fighting to the death, even if it means flying the plane into the enemy. They also are well known for attacking civilian populations to demoralise the enemy.


The Commeatus is all the other parts of the Legion that the other branches do not cover. This includes quartermaster, medical, payment, etc. The main similarity between them is that they are all indoctrinated highly into the Legion and service to the Prima Civis.

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