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Map of Wilhemania at its farthest Peace time borders

Wilhemanian official flag

The Wilhemanian Flag

Officially The Unified Imperial Kingdom of Wilhemania, commonly called Wilhemania [Wil-eh-man-e-yah] [Pronounce the same in all languages]. Wilhemania is one of the largest Empires and a world power. The Nation exist within three different continent, four if you ask Wilhemanians. Wilhemania came into existence because of a Civil war within the United Provinces in the beginning of the 18th century. [this is where the alternate history portion comes in]. Wilhelm I, the man who started the revolt, seized power and after building up military might and consolidating power with himself, he attacked. Wilhemania began the Wilhemanian Wars. This war involved so many nation tribes and city-states and was fought over a long period of time. When the war ended the Empire was one of the Superpowers of the world. Wilhemania built a canal from Mediterranean to the Tigris and Euphrates and later a canal across the desert in Egypt. With this Wilhemania became an economic powerhouse. The route was so short between Europe and the far east that the original Portuguese route was abandoned by all Europeans. Though all foreign ships had to pay heavy trade taxes for Gibraltar the Mediterranean side of the canals and the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea side as well. This made a lot of money for the Empire and help them to capitalize on their geographic location.

Wilhemania hold strong influence around the world.

Hienz von Rondepoort

The Story of Wilhelmania begins with one man. This man name was Heinz von Rondepoort. He is the founding father of this country. Heinz was born in The Spanish Netherlands [The exact date was lost because his family was poor]. Heinz father was a mapmaker who taught him about the world and the colonial nations at that time. Heinz father move to the united Provinces to work for the VOC on their ships. Heinz grew up poor though because his father was gone for a long time and the money he sent back was little. Heinz as a poor person Heinz wanted power in the world and was willing to do anything for it. Heinz got decided to move to the United Provinces. Heinz use his knowledge of world, that he learned from his father to his advantage. He incited revolt in the country using fake maps showing that the Government had lost a lot of territory. This angered the populous and Dutch people began to revolt against their government. Even though he began this we was unable to gain support from the people and was not placed as a leader in the Revolutionary army.Heinz then when back to Flanders where he stole all the tax money that was heading to the King of Spain. Heinz then fled to England where he paid a local governor to protect him. Heinz used the rest of the money raise an army. Heinz renamed himself. Heinz would from then on be called William [he gave no surname]. William name his group Williams's Company. with this large force William invade the United Provinces and conquered the region. William in his speech at the Dam in Amsterdam William declares that he would create an empire for the dutch people. William changed his name again, this time he called himself the Wilhelm I. This was the beginning of something big

Pre Wilhemanian Wars

Just before Wilhelm I went to war he held many parade and festival decided to quietly radicalize the people. Then he allowed any person to sign up for the military so that he could harness this large number of radical people.Wilhelm I then began gathering support from Britain to help him in his efforts. When Britain agreed to help the new nation in any new wars the country was now ready for war. still use the name United Provinces but that would soon change . there was a type of parliament in the Region but that was absolved and it became an Authoritarian Government. An now Wilhelm I was ready to crush his enemies.

The Wilhemanian Wars: The Expansion Period


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