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The UK surrenders! (CYOAH)

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Previous Parliament blown up (CYOAH

The British government officially surrenders to the German Reich. The former nation of Great Britain is divided. England and Wales are annexed to the German Reich. The Kingdom of Scotland is established as a puppet regime under the former Duke of Windsor as King Edward I, and Northern Ireland went to the Republic of Ireland (the newest member of the Axis). Without England, the rest of the British Empire become independent states, and remain neutral, excluding Australia and Canada, which join the Allies. President Roosevelt, puzzled as to the UK's surrender, but nonetheless furious at the Germans, declares war on Germany on August 1st, 1940. He then issues a draft for fifty thousand troops, which is met surprisingly fast. He then appoints Dwight D. Eisenhower Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces.

What does Eisenhower do with these troops?

Send them to the Pacific

Send them to South Africa

Send them to the Eastern front

Yankovic270 17:11, July 27, 2010

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