The Twin Timelines are two versions of history which have a symbiotic relationship to each other. This means that neither can exist without the other due to the use of time travel. Because of this close connection, the histories of both timelines have always interacted.


Timeline 1

  • 150 million years and one month ago: A time traveler from timeline A appeared, and begins living there for a month, before returning to the present. His actions systematically cause wolves and dogs to never evolve. As a result, the impact dogs had on culture was removed. For example, Egyptians no longer have the animals as pets and the god Anubis has a snake head instead of a dog.
  • 1104: A young native American 

Timeline A

  • 150 million years ago: Following the disappearance of the timeline A time traveler, a time traveler from timeline 1 arrives. The time traveler then begins experimenting

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