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The True Korea is an alternate history universe exploring what could happen if the Korean War ended differently; instead of ending with a ceasefire with no true victors, the United States and South Korea decimate the North troops. Due to the ceasefire never happening, the war ends later than it did in our timeline, in 1956, with a South Korean victory. All of the Korean peninsula is unified under the South Korean government.

Point of Divergence

The main point of divergence in the True Korea universe is:

  • The Korean War doesn't end with a ceasefire, instead it keeps going on until 1956, where Korea unifies under South Korean rule.

What it led to

  • The People's Republic of China decides to invade the war-torn nation, in order to receive more land. The The United States decides to aid Korea by investing millions of dollars into their economy, and sending some troops to Korea to help fend off the Chinese, in the Sino-Korean War. Eventually, the Japanese, and the Soviet Union, join the war; the Japanese aiding their former territory of Korea, and the Soviets aiding China.
  • Thanks to help from powerful countries like the United States and Japan, Korea manages to fend off the Chinese forces. After the war ended, Korea managed to gain some of the land that was formerly China's. This ends up creating a bitter relationship between Korea and both China and the Soviet Union.
  • Because to the Sino-Korean War, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China agree to fuse together to create the Sino-Soviet Republics, a Communist superpower and one of, if not the largest country ever.
  • Due to Cuba also being Communist as well, Cuba and the SSR sign an agreement, allowing Cuba to aid the SSR (and the other way around) if they get into any military conflicts with other countries, to increase Cuba's power and give her a superpower ally.
  • The council of five ends up changing a lot as well. After China and the Soviet Union form the Sino-Soviet Republics, Russia and China are replaced by the Soviet Republic and the Sino Republic. After the collapse of the Republics, their places are taken by Korea and Japan.
  • Eventually, democratic rebels in the Sino-Soviet Republics decide to protest against the Communist government of the SSR. They all end up in jail, causing more democrats to voice their opinions on the SSR. Eventually, the Sino-Soviet Civil War starts. At first, the Communist troops greatly beat the Democrats, but with help from Korea and Japan, the democrats win. The SSR falls apart and breaks into several smaller countries due to it becoming democratic, causing the strongest and most economically advanced Communist nation to collapse. China and Russia both convert to a democracy after their defeat. After the war, though, both of the Republics end up in an economic crisis, making several parts of both of them decide to secede.

Countries Affected

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