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The Treaty of Zurich (Bear Backs Down)

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The Treaty of Zurich was a treaty signed by the Allied and Axis Forces in Zurich, Switzerland, on September 1st, 1940. It officially ended the year long Lightning War.

Nations Inolved

Axis Powers

-The 3rd Reich of Germany

-The Italian Empire

-The Empire of Japan

-The Reich of Bulgaria

Allied powers

-The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

-The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

-The Commonwhealth of Nations

Terms of Agreement


-Each Ally must pay each Axis war reparations.

-Each Ally can not interfere with any war of any member of the Axis Powers.


-The UK gives South Africa and Southwest Africa to Germany.


-Germany controls all land to the Ural Mountains. 

-Leningrad is changes to Barabossa.

-Stalingrad is changed to New Berlin. 


-Must apolgize formally to the Axis.


-The UK gives up Sudan and Egypt to Italy.

-The UK will pull its navy out of the Medditeranean.

-Palestine, Jordan, and Syria are ceded to Italy.


-The USSR must transfer armaments to Italy.


-Must apoligize.


-The UK must cede East India, must leave Australia and New Zealand, and must allow Japan to use British ports around the world.


-The USSR must cede parts of Siberia, Kamchatka, and Irkutsk. 

-The USSR must also allow use of all Russian ports.


-Australia and New Zealand must allow use of all ports to Japan, the rest must only apoligize.


-Allies must formally apoligize.

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