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The Treaty of Munich (An Uneasy Truce)

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Treaty of Munich (1808)

Drafted: 6/3/1914

Signed: 6/22/1914

Location: Munich

Sealed: 6/23/1914

Effective: 6/23/1914

Signatories: Russia, Austria-Hungary

the treaty of Munich was a treaty designed to keep the peace after Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered by Serbian nationalist. the treaty was signed in 1914 by Russia and Austria-Hungary, with Germany overseeing negotiations.


Although the treaty was very long and complex, there were only 2 main points of it. the first was that Austria-Hungary could attack and take over Serbia. This was a demand on the part of the Austrians, and was the only major demand they made. The other major point was that Austria-Hungary could not expand further for a period of 15 years. This was put in by the Russians as a way of preventing their rivals from gaining hegemony over the Balkans.


the main goal of the treaty was to prevent all out war between European nations because of a nation as small as Serbia. in that respect, it worked. However, conflict was only held off for a year, with Russia fighting both Austria-Hungary and Germany by mid-late 1915. The treaty was mostly just to slightly delay war, and In the modern day, most regard the treaty as more or less a failure.

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