This is the Classical section of the Whims of Fortune ATL.


The Peoples of the West

A brief treatment of Italy, Africa, Sicily and Spain and their various inhabitants prior to the rise of the Tyrrhenian, Phoenician and Greek colonies.


The history of Greek, Phoenician and Tyrrhenian hegemonies in the first millennium of the Western Mediterranean.

A New Power Arises

The story of Rome as it slowly eclipses other Italian nations, from its legendary founding in (OTL) 306 BCE.

Lords of the Western Sea

Carthage - from its founding to its recognition of Rome as the successor of the former Tyrrhenian dominions.

The Conquering People

Rome, Carthage, Gauls and Greeks - the struggle for the Western Mediterranean until the First Italian War. (OTL 306-264 BCE)

The Clash of the Titans

Rome and Carthage go into their first major war, which leaves Rome stronger than ever before in the end, and Carthage re-thinking its strategy for the future. (OTL 264-241 BCE)

A Future Denied

The Second Italian War, where fortune and genius come together in the shape of Hannibal Barca and his brothers. Rome's dominion is crushed and its role in the future is reduced to no more than a major city in Italy. (OTL 241-209 BCE)

The Kingdom of the Barcas

A new threat to Carthaginian Dominion arises - the kingdom of the Barcas in Iberia. The loss of its greatest material base leaves the City unable to hold onto Italy and lead to the rise of Capua as the centre of the new Italian state. (OTL 209-168 BCE)

The Western Shores and the Northern Valleys

The story of how Italians and Carthaginians colonised and conquered Western Europe, putting in place the divisions one can still see. Return of the Barcid Kingdom to the fold of the State. (OTL 168-102 BCE)

Age of Emperors

How Great Men overcame the Republic - not once, but twice. Both Italy and Carthage become dynastic states, abandoning their democratic and republican elements of government, joining Macedon and Egypt as the great Empires of their time. (OTL 100 BCE-350 CE)

The Age of Migrations

Huns, Goths, Vandals, Slavs, Sarmatians, Alans, Avars, Franks and Saxons push into the West, setting up a patchwork of kingdoms, dukedoms and principalities, and enthusiastically taking up the vestiges of the cultures they destroyed as proof of their own sophistication.

Rise of the New Empires

After a tumultuous couple of centuries, new superpowers rise in place of the Old, and mark the start of a new Era. (OTL 600-700 CE)

Essays on the Classical Age

Arms and Armies of the Classical Age

Development of warfare from the rise of Rome to the fall of Carthage.

Religion in the West

Traditional pantheons, decline of paganism, and the division of the Mediterranean into the Mithraist West and the Judeo-Christian East.

Decline and Fall

The long process by which the Western powers declined and succumbed to their subjects and their neighbours - and it had nothing to do with decadence.

Tempora and Mores

A history of the Western Mediterranean's Social Institutions

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