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The Three Empires: A written account

I am James Madison Carter, and I am an editor for The Imperial Eagle Newspaper, the National Newspaper of the United American Republic. I am not a historian, but I will use the tools that are available to me to the best of my ability (that is what my boss tells me he likes about me).

I have been entrusted with providing a written account of how our world came about, so as to famaliarize future generations of today's world and how we came to being. I have seen conflict and bloodshed on all seven Continents as well as human drama and heroism.

I guess I'll start at the beginning. Note to Reader: The Dates are in dual format (i.e. 1776 A.D. = -170 N.I.C. (New Imperial Calender).

  • Prehistory: 1776 (-170 N.I.C.) to 1787 (-159 N.I.C.)
    • 1776 to 1787 : American Revolution against Britain
      • Major victories and losses on both sides with the Americans winning and gaining Independence in 1787.

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