The Third Vermount war of secession (October 2005 to April 2007)

The Third Vermount war of secession was a devastating conflict between the Kingdom of New England and the third Vermount Republic. Unlike in the previous war, Vermount was supported by Canada directly and there is evidence that New York was also aiding them directly. Although KoNE has an enormous advantage, its military has suffered from a lack of resources due to a blockade by Britain. As of April 2007, the war is going badly for New England, who have been driven from Washington and suffered appalling casualties.

The seeds of the war-1999 to 2005 AD

Although New England crushed Vermount's attempt to secede from it, it showed it had learned nothing from the war and oppressed the people of Vermount. The problem was that it was only going to work as long as New England was strong enough to keep Vermount oppressed. The inevitable happened on July 4th, with the signing of the treaty of San Francisco. Although New England won the war, it was a disaster for the military. Compared to when Vermount's first uprising occurred in 1997 to 1999 AD, New England was weaker and it's military was too busy rounding up the guerrilla bands that were roaming through the countryside. This meant it failed to realize what a resurgent Liberation Army of Vermount was planning.

The final cue for the LAV to move was in summer 2003, when King Edward I was assassinated in mysterious circumstances. His heir, Queen Catherine was only fourteen, while Regent Senator George W. Bush Jr. was considered a extremely and dangerous politician and meant that all advantages were suddenly in the LAV's favour. On September 1st 2003, the presumed dead President Dean reappeared, the man New England had killed was only a decoy. Arriving in Bennington, Dean was reinstated as President of the 3rd Vermount Republic and gave New England an ultimatum, give Vermount freedom or face war.

Despite this aggressive move, Vermount and New England held talks between late 2003 and October 2005. This was mainly because of Catherine and her calls for reason, even if it meant the loss of Vermount. Sadly, in September 2005, she was found dead in the palace of Boston and George Bush became 'Director General for life', king in all but name. Unlike Catherine, Bush favoured an extremely aggressive approach, against Vermount. On October 21st, George Bush declared war on Vermount.

The war was extremely damaging for both sides, due to George Bush's increasing signs of insanity, Vermount gained the upper hand and drove back the Kingdom of New England. The war ended de facto on April 12th 2007, when the Kingdom of New England collapsed into anarchy as George Bush vanished and various started struggling to control the country.


21st October 2005- New England moves in Burrington to arrest President Dean, the survivors of the force come back with accounts of Vermount soldiers heavily armed and several heavy tanks among the defenders.

30th October to 5th March 2006- Battle of Orange results in New English defeat.

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