Seal Third Empire (The3rdIm)

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Once upon the time, during the period of 1660s when the English Civil War broke out, the English Parliamentarians won the civil war, which forces Charles I to exile in France for a long time until his dead. Charles II ascend to the English throne and claim all the territories on the British Isle and all colonies but in 1662, Charles II had an idea that to establish a new empire to the new world. Charles II then move to Virginia to proclaimed the new Empire, which called as the Third Empire.

After the empire established in North America, Charles II and the other monarchies were still claimed that they are the rightful king and to ascend to the British throne, despite that Britain is now a republic and the head of state was still reject its claims.

Other things were happen that everything in this ATL is similar to its OTL counter part, such as Great Britain and Northern Ireland changed to Greater Columbia and Northern Mexico. But for Britain which is the republic, the situation will happen slightly similar to Germany

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If you have something that you want to help us to contribute in this timeline and discuss with me about this timeline, contact me.

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