In this AltHistory, when Korean Airlines flight 007 is shot down by USSR fighters, the US takes action.



It is the night of September 1, 1983, KAL 007 takes off. Hours later, it strays into restricted Soviet airspace. Soviet interceptors are scrambled into the air. The pilot that shot down KAL 007 said that there where lights on the plane that usually mean it's a civilian transport. But he said that "Any military aircraft can be made to look like a civilian airline." He shot down KAL 007. In the real world timeline, the US does not take action. But in this AltHist, the US sends millions of troops to the northern coast of the USSR. The signing of the declaration of war is broadcast on US news. The giant army of US troops storms the SOviet Coastal DEfense Forts (SOCDEF) on the morning of December 29,1983. The USSR is so shocked that they can not respond properly for over a week.

The Early Stages of the War

The week that the Soviet officials took to recover from their initial shock gave the US time to build outposts within the 70 miles that they had occupied. Then, Soviet Tu-95's bombed and destroyed 12 out of 30 US outposts. The US responded by sending a CIA agent on a truly destructive mission...

The True Beginning of the War

The CIA agent's mission was to plant a Nuclear weapon in the heart of the Red Square and escape alive. The CIA agent successfully planted the nuclear weapon, but did not escape alive. Once the agent, codename "Silent Hawk" planted the nuke, Soviet Law Enforcement officers arrested the agent for suspected "Terrorism" but just as he stepped into the police BTR, he pressed the button, activating the bomb, and reducing the great city of Moscow to rubble. Russia was crippled. But a large number of red troops still remained in the USSR.

The Highest Point of the War

The US thought that the destruction of Moscow would force the Soviets into a surrender, but it just made them fight more fiercely. By this time, the US had occupied over half of the USSR. The Red Army fought back harder than ever before to take back their homeland. Some Soviet spies had captured US nuclear weapons and used one against them. The largest American base in the USSR was destroyed by the nuclear weapon. The Red Army leader said in a broadcast to civilians in the US:" Our Moscow is rubble, their "Moscow" in our land is rubble. Now, we are equal." By 2000, while in the real world the USSR is long gone, the Soviets have taken back over 60% of their land. With over 92% of Red forces gone and over 75% of US forces gone, The Third Great War's end was almost in sight. Peace talks where beginning in Washington. The Red Army cooling off, the war was almost over. But fierce fighting still raged on. By now, losing more than half of its forces, the US plan had changed from "Invade and completely conquest and take over all of the USSR" to " Kill all remaining Red Forces and then retreat." (But the 2nd plan wasn't working out much more better than the 1st one). By this time, the Soviets had rebuilt Moscow to about half of what it used to be by 2004.

The End

The Soviet Union had agreed to surrender if the US gives them all the area from the rebuilt Moscow to the Ukrainian-Polish border. The US agreed. The USSR had officialy surrendered. The remaining Red soldiers had either been taken prisoner or killed. The USSR had also collapsed into just Russia. By 2008, Russia had completely rebuilt Moscow. The Russians had forgiven the Americans for their massacre. Russia had built up a moderate economy and a great trade system. This alternate history was almost identical to the real world, except for the borders.Three quarters of "Russia" was American, and one-quarter of "Russia" was "Russian".

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