Point of Dispersion

In 1911, amidst the Agadir Crisis, Spain makes a deal with Germany regarding Morocco. Spain, wanting land in Morocco, wanted a protectorate in the Northern part of Morocco, including Tangier, in addition to a colony in the Southern part of Morocco, south of the Asif Tifnout. Germany would get a protectorate in the central part of Morocco, and Spain would provide protection to their merchant ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. Spain would also aid Germany by sending troops into Morocco, and Germany would aid Spain economically. 

Tensions Rise

The deal was agreed upon, and Spain began to send troops into Morocco. As tensions rise between Spain and France, Spain sends an ultimatum to France, stating that if France doesn't withdraw from Morocco, Spain will militarize the border and shut off access to the Strait of Gibraltar. Instead, Britain responds by sending more ships to the Naval Base at Gibraltar, and France militarizes their border with Spain. Negotiations begin in San Sebastian, Spain, between France and Britain and Germany and Spain. Spain, however, demands from Britain control of Gibraltar and from Spain a protectorate in the Northern part of Morocco, allowing Spain to control the Strait of Gibraltar.

When neither side can agree Spain decides to join the Triple Alliance, making it the quadruple alliance. When this occurs, France tries to convince Portugal to join the Triple Entente, but Spain quickly tries to recruit Portugal as well. This becomes another key event leading up to World War I, and Portugal eventually declares neutrality.

Meanwhile, with Spain now allied with Italy, Italy also sends ships to the Strait of Gibraltar, and blockades the British base at Gibraltar. With Britain in a naval arms race with Germany, Britain wants to prove its naval superiority. What ensues is a naval battle at Gibraltar, at which point Spain sends a force of 800 men to invade the tiny post. Britain downs some Spanish and Italian ships, but conquers the base. The British ships, without a place to anchor, are forced to harbor in Marseille, France.

As diplomats from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Britain continue to meet, Britain demands control of Gibraltar. With no deal in place in Morocco, rebellions occur by the natives. When one force of natives kills the Spanish governor in Tetouan in late 1913, Spain blames France, and declares war. Britain then declares war on Spain, then Germany and Italy declare war on Britain and France. Russia then declared war on Germany, and the Ottoman and Austo-Hungarian Empires declared war on Russia. And World War I was underway, with three fronts. Germany was split between the Eastern and Western fronts. However, France was also split between the Western and Iberian Fronts. The Allies (Germany's side) decided to complete Operation: Chokehold, in which Spain, Italy, and Germany would all launch a massive offensive into France from three sides, and hope one could reach Paris. Split between three fronts, France fell to Germany (which had invaded through Belgium) in just 22 days.

When France surrendered, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France entered negotiations. Meanwhile, as Germany's ships begins to blockade Britain, Britain asks for a peace agreement as well, where they would have no changes from before the war. The allies agreed to Britain's terms, so long as they gave up Gibraltar to Spain. As they considered what to do with France, each country had a different idea. Germany was in favor of dividing it up into zones of control of the three countries. Spain was in favor of small territory changes and large reparations and demilitarization. Italy was in favor of dividing it into smaller countries so that its people didn't suffer but it would be militarily and politically irrelevant. While this occured, Austria-Hungary and Germany fought Russia on the final remaining front, with great results for Germany. In the end, at the Treaty of Touluse, Spain gained all French Land in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy gained some Southeastern land in France, and Germany received Alsace and Lorain. France woulod be split into the countries of Brittany, Burgundy, and France. Each would be demilitarized, but would not have to pay reparations.

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