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This TL is focused on Greece and the nearby area and will explore the possibility that the Regime of Colonels and Georgios Papadopoulos are able to hold on power, thus Hellas builds itself as a regional power. As well as the foundation of a a military alliance much like NATO and the Warsaw Pact, a nationalistic bloc, the Third Bloc.

Points of Divergence

  • Greece is now known as Hellas, after an extensive effort of the regime to canonise internationally the English name for the nation in order to appease the nationalists.
  • Hellas adopts a nationalistic foreign policy.
  • Enosis is successfull, Hellas succesfully unites with Cyprus, instead of a Turkish invasion against Cyprus and the subsequent occupation of the northern part of Cyrpus.
  • Hellas eventually becomes non-aligned and establishes trade deals and agreements with other non-aligned nations like Spain, Argentina, South Africa and Yugoslavia.
  • Hellas becomes isolated after its leader is exposed to be a Nazi collaborator back in the 40s, by the CIA, after the Cyprus crisis with Turkey.
  • Hellas, South Africa, Spain and Argentina form a military alliance much like NATO and the Warsaw Pact, a nationalistic bloc, the Third Bloc.
  • And many other possibilities.



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