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Texan Colony
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When Protestism was introduced in Europe, religious instability and violent uprisings occurred. This was not different in Spain, who even though was 97% Catholic, had religious minorities.

The Penal Colony

Treating Protestants and Muslims as criminals, the Spanish Government made attempts to remove them. In 1543, King Juan Carlos I, son of the late King Alfonso V of Portugal (died sick) and the Queen Mother Isabella I of Castile, gave the Duke of Galicia's second son Andres a charter to colonize land north of the Rio Grande and west of the Mississippi. At first, the colony grew plump with Catholics, however the colony was running out of money. The West Indies Trade Company, who helped set up the new colony, was near bankrupt. Turing to the monarchy as his last hope Andres pleaded for funding. King Juan Carlos I accepted, but only because he had a problem himself. As religious violence kept stirring up the country was running out of suitable prisons to keep "evil" heretics and heathens. Andres would resentfully allow Spanish Protestants and Muslims to come to the new colony, which was named Texas after the native people in the region. Texas grew quite large, and today the area has a great mix of religions, including future Hindus that would come from India seeking work and African slaves brought there against their will.

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