Technology Wars is a ATL in which nations have gone a little too far with their technology. Each empire has its own technology type which it's known for. The POD goes back a while until the 19th century, when the French Revolution fails and the American Civil War never happens.


There are many different reasons why the world turned out the way it did in the Technology Wars.

  • The American Civil War never happens. The north and south worked out their differences and took advantage of the diplomacy. The USA becomes a center of the industrial revolution.
  • The French Revolution leaders were hunted down and the Revolution we know today never picked up.
  • The Ottoman Empire has a civil war, nearly destroying the nation.
  • China undergoes an industrial revolution of its own and the nation does not become communist.
  • The Communist Revolution in Russia fails. The tsars live.


Since America became a center of the industry, the highly industrialized north keeps creating new technologies. By 1900, the northern USA has the technology of OTL 1930. The Agrarian south becomes an industry based area as well.

France industrializes like northern USA. Their technologies are nearly identical until World War I, when France follows the path technology is taking today (except faster) and the USA adopts other methods of technology. (Retro-Futurisic would be an appropriate word).

The Ottoman Empire collapsed on itself and technological advance slowed to a crawl until World War II, when it started making fearsome machines to fight in wars instead of people.

China mixed its oriental culture with industrial culture. Chinese junks with smoke stacks became a common sight.

Russia began modernizing itself too. It mixes its culture with industrial culture as well.


America has become a retro-futuristic nation. Major cities look like the fabled Cities of Tomorrow.


Los Angeles Monorails

England is more of a steampunk nation.

The Ottoman Empire kept to themselves. Their fearsome war machines become a dreadful sight in the deserts of Egypt, making scorpions seem like simple ants.

France has followed the path OTL technology has followed. However, the technology we have now in OTL, they had it in 1970.

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