This timeline is going to become a kind of public timeline, were you give me your ideas on the talk page and I somehow mold them into the timeline. The POD is when the Swiss win the Battle of Marignano or the battle never happens, so I need help on choosing which, please contribute, I got the idea from National Geographic and its been bugging at me ever since. DeanSims

Please help me guys, I need everyone's help, and I mean everyobodys!

Timeline where the Swiss Win at the Battle of Marignano

1515: The Swiss Army, lead by Marx Röist, barely defeats the combined Franco-Italian Army at the Battle of Marignano, (which had only been won due to the German's and Venetians being late for the Battle), and begin to make a drive into France proper until they reach the small French town of Nice, where they stop to rest after tracking south towards the sea. The greatly damaged Franco-Italian Army retreats south towards Venice, hoping to strengthen itself for a direct attack at the Swiss heartland. Normal Italians begin to consider revolution to help the Swiss and gain their independence, some consider a violent military uprising, which is seen as too radical at the time. The Swiss Armed Forces begin to build artillery and offer alliances to anyone who is friendly to them, namely the English, and as said before, rebellious Italians who are sick of French rule.

1516: The English respond to the Swiss alliance offer by agreeing to wait out the war, and that if Venice and Lyon are taken, the English will join the war on the side of the Swiss while the Italian rebels, or at least those who agree to fight the French, agree to join the Swiss Armies and the Italian Liberation Army, composed of only 12,000 men with little supplies, the Swiss soon begin to send weapons and supplies to the ILA headquarters in La Spizia on the Mediterranean Coast. The Venetians begin to integrate their soldiers into the French Army there under General Louis de la Trémoille who begins to strictly train his new recruits as well as German Mercenaries until many of the Germans begin to desert and join the ILA or Swiss Armies, which promise them bountiful farmland in Italy as well as a good salary, and the ILA's ranks reach 15,000 men, when a German Mercenary is given control of one of the three ILA Divisions, as he knows many of tactics of the French. The Swiss Army under Marx Röist finally receives 8 large artillery guns, (half of which are stolen from the French), and leaves Nice and begins to march north towards Lyons, making camp just outside the city in October to prepare for a siege of the city. A new French army is created with 20,000 men, which are given little training when they are sent towards Lyon to take out the Swiss.

1517: The Swiss begin their siege of Lyons, which is nearly destroyed when the new French Army under Francis I tries to crush the battle hardened Swiss army, it is ultimately a Swiss victory, as the fresh recruits have had only the bare amount of training, and 6742 are killed total, with 80,000 of the deaths French. After the Battle of Lyons, as it comes to be called, it is discovered that Francis I was wounded in the battle, and soon taken prisoner by the Swiss.

Timeline where the Battle of Marignano does not Occur


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