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In the days leading up to the Mexican-American War, a rumor surfaced in the US about a secret British Plot that detailed a plan for the acquisition of California. This rumor was started to hopefully spur support for the expansionist cause. However, these rumors are almost definitely fabricated. But what if they weren't? What if the British and Mexicans cut a deal regarding California. Owning California would strengthen the British claim to the Oregon territory, thus blocking the American's dream of extending "from sea to shining sea." How would a British owned California affect the coming Mexican War? What would happen if the Sun Set on California?


IN the year 1845, the British and Mexicans enter negotiations over the California territory. Later that year, the British Pacific Fleet docks in San Fransico Bay as the transfer is ratified. In exchange for the territory, Mexico is cleared of all British held debts and an allaince between the two nations is formed. Polk, eager for expansion, is not detered, and in 1846, the US Congress approves the Annexation of Texas, thus sparking a war with Mexico. Honouring their allaince, Great Britain declares war as well, thus sparking The North American War.



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