The Sun,Sol (Maxiumum Systema)

In our timeline, the Sun is a massive, yellow, mid-sequence star. It is home to 8 planets and many more dwarf planets. In this ATL, the Sun or, Sol is nearly identical to the one in our timeline, though it is slightly bigger than our Sun, thus having a greater gravitational field and having more planets.

Current satellites (planets and their moons)


§ Vulcan, the first planet.

§ Mercury, the second planet.

§ Venus, the third planet, home to small microscopic life.

§ Eros, the Moon of Venus.

§ Earth, the fourth planet and our home.

§ Luna, the larger of Earth's moons.

§ Aurora, the second of Earth's moons, is referred to in the New World as Diana but Aurora to the East.

§ Mars, the Red Planet.

§ Bellona, Mars' greatest moon.

§ Deimos, the second largest moon of Mars.

§ Phobos, the smallest moon.

§ Ceres, the sixth planet.

§ Minerva, the seventh planet and the largest in the Middle Solar System.

§ Vesta, the eight planet, and slightly smaller than Ceres.

§ Juno, the ninth planet and Vesta's sister planet.

§ Hebe, the moon of Juno.

§ Jupiter, the largest planet with several moons.

§ Saturn, Lord of the Rings.

§ Caelus, the twelfth planet and third gas giant.

§ Aether, the thirteenth planet and the fourth gas giant. Known as the "Sky Planet."

§ Neptune, the blue planet and fifth gas giant.

§ Bacchus, the little blue planet.

§ Pluto, the far planet. Formerly the farthest planet, displaced with the arrival of Planet X.

§ Proserpina, Pluto's biggest moon.

§ S/2011 P5, the smallest moon.

§ Cerberus, the farthest moon.

§ Hydra, the third moon.

§ Charon, the second moon.

§ S/2012 P6, the newest moon.

§ Planet X, the newest planet.


§ The SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite (launched by IASA)

§ The INIT (International Intelligence Transmitter) satellite (joint launch by EASA and AASA)

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