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Where things were different

What happened was that Rome under the Emperor Trajan, was fortified to ensure stability. Although he was no of christian belief, he legalises it to end the issue of legitamacy.

Meanwhile, in the east, the Japanese launch an immense attack on mainland Asia with a unified army and plenty of bloodshed. This causes the migration of many Chinese peoples to the west as refugees.

While they live in the Roman Empire, the men were required to serve in the legions, or be put to exile or death. This gives the Romans enough military strength to launch invasions on Northern Great Britain and Ireland.

However, occupation does not last a century, until the Chinese discover america. They then leave most of their weapons behind, and leave them to the Celts, which use these weapons to become independent from Rome, which cripples their military strength.

The Chinese discover that they are not alone on the new continent, and discover the Native Americans. Instead of being met with swords, they were met with open hands. This allows the Chinese to assimilate into the native life with no problem. But the combining the greatness of both of these peoples allow them to leap forward in technology.

As they enjoy peace, Rome is under attack by both its neighbors, and their own provinces looking to self-rule. This results in a great loss of land and power. So the goal of Rome for the next five-hundred years was not to conquer, but to stay alive.


The Empire of New Rome:[[1]]

The United Tribes of Copelli:

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