The Star Wars
The Star Wars
North American theatrical release poster by Tom Jung
Directed by George Lucas
Produced by Gary Kurtz
Written by George Lucas
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) May 25, 1977
Running time 121 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Music by John Williams

The Star Wars is a 1977 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas.


The universe of The Star Wars features the Jedi-Bendu as having been the personal bodyguards of a generally benevolent Emperor for 100,000 years, before the rise of the villainous Knights of Sith. At its core, the story features a young Annikin Starkiller, son of former Jedi Bendu Kane Starkiller, leaving their homeworld Utapau in the Kessil system for Aquilae, a planet which is still independent of the New Galactic Empire.

Aquilae, home of Princess Leia, is targeted by the Empire for conquest due to its advanced cloning technologies. The Aquilaen King learns of the plot from one of his spies, Clieg Whitsun, who is an operative on the Imperial capital planet Alderaan. In defense of his world, the Aquilaen King attacks the Empire's Space Fortress, causing a pair of droids to crash down into the inhospitable Jundland Wastes region of the planet.

The King dies shortly thereafter, moving Princess Leia into the position of the Empire's target for a puppet ruler. Annikin Starkiller is now Padawan to Luke Skywalker, and the pair travel to protect the Princess. After rescuing her, the pair lead her through the Jundland Wastes to the spaceport town Gordon, where they meet Han Solo. In this story, Solo is a Urellian, a tall reptilian with a reputation for hunting Wookiees on their home planet of Yavin.

Solo, an old friend of Kane Starkiller, charters a freighter off-world, captained by an individual named Valorum. While escaping from Imperial patrols, Kane dies sacrificing himself to save the others, and Valorum is revealed as a Sith Knight.

After escaping from Valorum by stealing an Imperial ship, the protagonists are chased through an asteroid field and forced to land on the Wookiee homeworld. There they align with the Wookiees, who are in the midst of fighting Urellians, and meet a Wookiee named Chewbacca. The group gathers at the home of a pair of anthropologists, Owen and Beru Lars, while Leia is recaptured by Imperial forces and taken to the Space Fortress.

Rushing back to Aquilae to save Leia, Annikin dons stormtrooper armor to infiltrate the Space Fortress, but is captured in the process. A largely off-screen Darth Vader orders Valorum to kill Starkiller, but Valorum has a change of heart and sets Starkiller free. Starkiller rescues Leia and escapes just in time, as Luke Skywalker leads a squadron of fighters piloted by Wookiees to destroy the Space Fortress.

Returning to Aquilae, now-Queen Leia appoints Annikin Starkiller "Lord Protector of Aquilae."


  • Mark Hamill as Annikin Starkiller, was the son of Kane Starkiller and a Padawan of Luke Skywalker. He was the hero of the battle which saw the defeat of the Galactic Empire in the Aquilaen system.
  • ??? as Kane Starkiller, was the Jedi father of Annikin Starkiller and his brother Deak Starkiller.
  • Alec Guinness as Luke Skywalker, was a Jedi General for the Aquilae, as well as one of the survivors of the Knight's of Sith's attack on the Jedi-Bendu. He was the mentor of Annikin Starkiller.
  • Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia, Leia was a 19-year-old princess, the spoiled daughter of King Kayos and Queen Breha of Aquilae. She had two brothers, Biggs and Windy.
  • ??? as Clieg Whitsun, Aquilaen star pilot, and companion to Annikin Starkiller
  • Christopher Walken as Han Solo, was a male Urellian who happened to be an old friend of Kane Starkiller and an acquaintance of Luke Skywalker's.
  • Sean Connery as Darth Vader, was the name of a male Human serving the New Galactic Empire, as well as a highly decorated Imperial general. He possessed a lot of scarring on his face, and also had his left eye replaced with a cybernetic, giving off a deep red hue.
  • Peter Cushing as Crispin Hoedaack, was a functionary and the commander of the New Galactic Empire's attempt to annex the Aquilaen system.
  • ??? as Valorum,  was a prince and a member of the Knights of Sith. He was summoned to hunt down General Luke Skywalker and his allies by Darth Vader after it became apparent that Skywalker may have survived the self-destruction of the hidden base.
  • Anthony Daniels as C-3P0
  • Kenny Baker as R2-D2
  • Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca


The Star Wars remains as one of the top grossing films of all time, earning an upward of $845,888,734 ($3,207,200,450.28, today adjusted for inflation for 2013) on a $12,000,000 budget. The movie currently holds on average the #6 spot on all Top 10 movies of all time list.