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Rise to Power

1686: King Philip II successfully has a child.

1699: King Philip II dies, his son Fernando III takes the throne.

Invasion of Morocco

1701: King Fernando III, sends the army to invade Morocco.

1703: After two years of fighting the Moroccans surrender. Then, Spanish missionaries are sent to convert the Moroccans into Christianity (Catholicism).

First Dutch Revolt

February 1712: Dutch revolt, in Holland.

August 1712: Spanish musketmen crush the revolt.

Anne Sophie of Prussia

1715: King Fernando III marries Princess Anne Sophie of Prussia.

1718: Treaty of Bilbao is signed [The treaty annexes Prussia into the Spanish Empire]

1723: Spaniards in Nueva California invade Louisiana [this triggers the Louisiana-Spanish Intervention]

1733: Ten years after the Louisiana-Spanish intervention, Sir Jean Bouvar surrenders to the Spanish.

Reign of Frederick VI

June 1738: King Fernando III is assassinated by Flemish nationalists in Ghent, Queen Anne Sophie is also killed.

August 1738: The Imperial court of Toledo makes Frederick VI (Anne Sophie's half cousin) King of Spain.

1745: French citizens in Louisiana revolt against Spanish rule, the revolts are stopped by the Imperial army.

1768: Frederick VI marries Joan of Beaun.

1769: The monarchs covert to Imperial, Spain becomes an absolute monarchy.

War of the Imperial Crown

1770: France is angered by the Spanish decisions [War of the Imperial Crown begins]

1775: French capture Sicily, Sardinia, and Naples. Spanish capture Aquitaine, and French territory in the Americas. 

1776: British colonists revolt against England, France is to busy fighting to help out.

1777: People of Normandy surrender to the Spanish.

1781: French surrender. Spanish annex Aquitaine, Normandy, and French Canada.

Reign of Manuel I

1802: British colonists (exhausted) surrender, Spanish invade the thirteen colonies under the new Emperor Manuel I.

1803: Treaty of London (1803) is signed [treaty annexes Carolina to Spain, and gives England acess to trade past the Strait of Gibraltar.

Fall of New Grenada

1815: Angry Spanish colonist in New Grenada revolt, that then inspires the colonists in New Spain to also revolt.

1823: Spanish lose control of New Grenada (which becomes the Republic of Grenada).

Spanish Colonial Wars/ Second Dutch Revolt

1827: Spanish fleet is sunk in Yucatan by the colonists [England decides to help the colonists, Spanish Colonial Wars dawn]

1835: Nationalist troops (led by Juan Edmundo) capture the viceroy of New Spain.

1836: Spanish attack Mexico City.

May 1837: Peasants in Guadalajara of Nueva Galicia join the rebels.

July 1837: European Spain (unguarded) is attacked by Flemish nationalists [Second Dutch Revolt begins]

December 1837: Asturias is captured by the Flemish.

January 1838: Treaty of Rotterdam [treaty gives the Flemish independence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Asturias]

April 1838: British attack Spanish Louisiana, Spanish retreat instantly.

June 1838: Treaty of Madrid (1838) [treaty gives colonists in New Spain independence (as the Kingdom of Azteca) and gives the British Louisiana]

Fall of the Spanish Empire

1839: Emanuel I dies in Seville of a heart attack (childless)

1840: War of the Spanish Solution dawns. (France, Holland, England, and Tuscany join)

1848: The war ends, Spanish Empire collapses (Iberian terriory becomes Nueva Castilla, Italian territory becomes Regno di Napolitan-Sicilia, territory in the Americas becomes Villanueva, everything else is annexed)

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