The Spanish-Portuguese War
Part of The Second European War
Date 1st September 1939 -
Location Portugal
Result Axis Victory
  • Spanish Victory
  • The "Good Will Pact"
  • Creation of the Spanish Nations
Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945)Spain

War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945)Germany

Flag of PortugalPortugal
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945)Francisco Franco
Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945)Adolfo Hudera
War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945)Adolf Hitler
War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945)Erwin Rommel
Flag of PortugalAntónio de Oliveira Salazar
Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945)1,200,000
War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945)60,000
Flag of Portugal300,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945)?
War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945)?
Flag of Portugal?


The Spanish-Portuguese War

General Franco begins his alliance with Hitler by stationing defensive troops along the French border. Hitler, as an act of good faith, sends Franco an additional 40,000 troops to help enforce Franco's southern border from potential Gibraltar attacks. General Franco then holds a council of his other highest ranking officers including Adolfo Hudera, called the Madrid Conference on January 26th, 1939. The decision is made that Portugal is limiting shipping routes to the U.S, a major supplier of oil to Spain, and that an agreement needs to be made. Franco then met with Salazar, the head of state in then Fascist Spain. Salazar was determined to remain quite neutral in the war, but denied Franco shipping access due to what many believe was personal pride. Franco declared war on Portugal on February 1st, 1939. He sent 60,000 troops to Portugal, with the help of Panzer 1's and 2's from Hitler.

The Battle of Portalegre (September 3rd-4th, 1939)

The first battle of the war would determine whether or not Portugal was capable of defending itself. Salazar station


25,000 men in the small town and along the near border, and only just in time (Franco's troops arrived hours later).

The rocky hillside would provide good cover for Franco and his men, as he stationed Panzers along the hills to the East of the town. The Portuguese, having little defensive artillery were forced into makeshift bunkers on the outside of the evacuated town. Salazar's men stood little a chance, as Franco's surrounding force swiftly crushed the Portuguese. The battle would end after only a day. Spain lost 400 men, Portugal would lose 2000 before surrendering.

The Good Will Pact (La Buena Voluntad Pacto)

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