Previous - The Allies advance in the Far East (CYOAH)

The Soviets, with their Russian and German Scientists (From Conquered Land) were able to beat the Allies to getting the Bomb. The Soviets tested their first Nuclear Bomb in Siberia. Soon, at Komsa, the Soviets retreated from the battle. The Allies, confused, advanced. The Allies noticed most of the Citizens were gone. Then, a 25 KT Nuclear Bomb fell on the Allies, and over 75,000 Allied Troops died. At Kansk, a 30 KT Nuclear Bomb fell, and 89,000 Allied Troops fell. Meanwhile, the Allies soon noticed that communications with the commanders there had stopped. They soon learned about the nuclear bombings there. Soon, the Allies had developed Nuclear Bombs. Soon, the Allies dropped a 30 KT Nuclear Bomb on Abakan. Soon, more Nuclear Bombings would happen, completely destroying Siberia and all of it's small cities. Siberia was completely devastated, and the USSR decided that it can't afford to keep destroying it's own land. A 100 KT Bomb was dropped on Washington D.C and New York. Soon, Nuclear War devastated the world.

The World is still recovering from the effects of nuclear devastation. Technology levels are, at best, at OTL 1960s levels. The US and the USSR are both destroyed, however there are small surviving states made up of Allied Troops.

End of Timeline

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