Socialist Human Republic Flag by Darkspysrival

The flag of the Socialist World Republic.

The Socialist World Republic was a communist state that lasted from 1948 to 1989. It consisted of all the world's countries (with the exception of Switzerland) in all habitable continents. Their leaders were divided into regions: The Americas had Fidel Castro, Europe had Erich Honecker, Asia had Kim il-Sung, Africa had Halie Selassie, and Russia had Josef Stalin, Leonid Breznehv, and Mikhail Gorbachev. 

Origin of The SWR

  • In 1905, a revolution took place in Russia that ultimately took out the czar. Vladimir Lenin was put into office, and the Soviet Union was born.
  • The First World War struck when a Dutch assassin killed Vladimir Lenin on June 9th, 1910. Russia attacks and invades the Netherlands, and makes a puppet communist state, kicking the royal family out.
  • Britain, France, and Germany establish war against the Soviet Union on August 11th, 1910.
  • The United States stays out of the war for now, wishing to be neutral.
  • In the Battle of Munich on October 23, 1913, communist soldiers from Russia take over part of Germany and makes it The Socialist Republic of Deustchland. Soon after, they took all of Germany, Poland, Greece, and Czechosloviakian areas. The USA is outraged and establishes war against the Soviet Union the same day.
  • France defends their borders with British/American help, but Russia takes over the Saarland. Constant bombing in Britain makes the UK a hellhole. Communist revolutionaries take over and make the Soviet Republic of England. Scotland, Wales, and Ireland make peace with the SRE and secedes as the New United Kingdom.
  • In Africa, communist revolutionaries take over in Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Eritrea. 
  • America is still in the war, and has a winning chance. But in 1926, on President Calvin Coolidge's call, American forces are brought back home, due to uprising anti-war protests.
  • The year is 1929. The First World War has ended with a tie. 256,371,098 people are dead, most of them civilians.  Most of Europe and parts of Africa are now communist. They form the new Soviet Union under a dual-dictatorship between Leon Trotsky and Josef Stalin.
  • The year is 1935. An American cruise ship is blown up by Soviet officials near the SRE. America wants answers. The Soviet Union says it was some of their revolutionaries, but America wages war. The Soviet Union responds with an invasion. They quickly take New England under their control. After 2 months, the United States is Soviet-controlled.
  • The New United Kingdom responds with war. The SRE responds by taking over the NUK, which then makes the United British Soviet Republic.
  • The New American Soviet Republic invades China, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • The Ottoman Empire (which still exists in this timeline) becomes its own communist state and invades the Middle East and the rest of Asia.
  • Africa becomes a singular communist country. Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea become communist as well.
  • On October 26, 1948, the Socialist World Republic is born and becomes one singular country.

SWR 1948-1989

  • After the unification of all countries(besides Switzerland), The Council of the SWR picks 5 leaders to lead five regions as one world. For the Americas, the Council picked Fidel Castro. For Europe, they picked Erich Honecker. For Africa, they picked Halie Selassie. For Asia, Kim il-Sung. And lastly, Russia was given to Josef Stalin.
  • In the Americas, Fidel Castro makes a historic bill that will get rid of concentration camps for counter-revolutionaries and will allow them to live as living, breathing people. The Council is not too mad, but they do complain of it. Fidel responds by allowing free speech and free press. The Council gets furious, and warns the Americas. Fidel responds by merging capitalism into the system. The Council is even more furious and sends troops to the Americas. Castro arms every man and woman with a gun and sword, and they defeat the SWR troops! This makes a war between Russia and the Americas. Until 1965, the war rages on, and the Americas win. Fidel celebrates by seceding form the SWR to become the Federal Republic of America, which soon breaks down to former borders. The first of many democratically fumed revolutions has ended.
  • With the Americas free from Soviet rule, many other people wish to feel what they feel. In 1978, Europe became a whole mess. Pro-democracy protests were unstoppable, even for the government. Erich Honecker, leader of the European bloc, signs a bill that seceded Europe from the SWR. The Council does not send troops, as they have learned their mistake. The SWR is renamed the United Afro-Asian Socialist Republic.
  • Africa follows suit to Europe, as Halie Selassie, leader of the African bloc, wants the people to decide they vote for. In Asia, Kim il-Sung is assassinated and the Asian bloc is free from the UAASR. The UAASR is renamed the Russian Soviet Union.
  • On November 23, 1989, Boris Yeltsin starts a pro-democratic revolution and takes over as President of Russia. As The RSU is in economic troubles, it throws out communism for good and becomes the Russian republic.
  • All of the world is now democratic and elections will be held in all countries in 1990.

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