Introduction and Summary

Note: This timeline is currently closed. Until I feel that the timeline's path has been clearly set out, please do not edit any of the pages that are part of "The Sky Filled With Stars." If, for whatever reason it is unclear which pages belong to the timeline, there's a list below.

The Sky Filled With Stars (TSFWS) is a new alternative history chronicling the history of the human race following a disastrous asteroid impact (almost a mile wide, hitting the Sahara almost directly while traveling something in the vicinity of 11 km/sec) in the year 1429, spreading dust and even large fragments as far as the Alps, and beginning a decade-long winter over the planet. The civilizations of western Africa are obliterated by massive earthquakes and molten chunks of desert raining from the sky, tsunamis sweep the Mediterranean coasts, inundating Provence, Sicily, Illyria, and the Dardanelles. Within a year the majority of annual deaths are from starvation, as plant life across the world begins to die off. Governments collapse, Europe is is enveloped in religious frenzy, the Andean cultures are wiped out when the temperature drops below tolerable levels, and mass panic sweeps the planet. After it all dies down, the human race is left as a chaotic depopulated mess. Trade has declined to practically nothing, no government rules anything more than a city-state, and people alternately fervently embrace religion to explain the events that have occurred, or turn away from it in disgust over what it has brought them.


Current pages:

Barawi Asteroid Impact

Commune of Paris


List of Nations

Ríonegro The most hilariously (or depressingly) messed-up country I have seen on this wiki.

New Kent

Dark Ages


Eleven Years' War

List of Wars 1500-1799

Second Río Civil War

Weilaeg War of Independence

List of Wars 1800-1899

War of Western Secession

Siege of Sant Joan

Battle of Merzig



Gernando de Pologua


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