Transylvanian War
ResultStatus quo ante bellum

  • Worldwide Nuclear reduction treaty
Flag of the People's Republic of China
People's Republic of China
Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955)
12,570,100 men,

2,439 tanks,
1,680 aircraft

8,450,000 men,
2,553 tanks,
1,492 aircraft
Military casualties:
3,212,021 killed,
877,262 wounded

12,112 missing

Military casualties:2,203,126 killed,

751,383 wounded,
11,421 missing

'The Sino-Soviet War '(Chinese: 中苏战争, Russian: Китайское советское война} was a war between the People's Republic of China and the USSR. The Sino-Soviet war became the first and last war where Nuclear weapons were used En-Masse (barring World War II)

Origins of the War

The origins lie with the Sino-Soviet Split.

Opposing Forces


People's Republic of China

The Conflict

1. The first strike

On the 10th of May, Russian troops stuck at China. The Pacific front drove into Manchuria, the Mongolian front drove into the centre, and the steppe front drove into the far west. At first the well trained Soviet troops drove deep into China.

2. The Soviet advance stalls

Massed Chinese Re-enforcements were reaching the front daily, and the Soviets could only make limited progress. No matter how many Chinese they killed, there were always more. The distances involved meant the Red Air Force could no longer provide total cover or support, and the Chinese Air Force struck every time the Red Air Force wasn't present.

3. Codeword 'Lightning'

With the advance stalled, Soviet commanders were getting desperate. desperation had also reached the Kremlin. finally, Breznev reached a decision. Codeword 'Lightning' was sent to the front, and 23 15Kt Tactical Nuclear weapons were employed against the Chinese. Nerve gas was also employed. The attacks tore open the line, and for a month the Russians were on the move again. However soon the Chinese retaliated with their own tactical Nuclear Devices.

4. The brink of Armageddon

With the Soviets and Chinese trading 15Kt Strikes, the world was in a panic. Both had moved into the dangerous territory of Nuclear war. Already Japan was flooded with radiation blown across the Sea of Japan. The Philippines were also showing a massive increase in background radiation. Despite attempts by the UN to resolve the conflict, neither China nor the USSR were listening.


More nuclear weapons were used in this war than in all previous wars. Over twice the amount of weapons used against Germany were used in this conflict.

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