The Sinitic Empire or the Chinese Empire are the common names of what we would call the Manchu or Qing Empire, which currently manages to hold (tenuously) onto Manchuria, while the Republic of China holds Sinkiang (modern Xinjiang province) and various other provinces. The Manchu Empire is also xenophobic, and rightfully so after having fought a short war against the Russians twenty years ago and the old 'unequal treaties' that have been ignored of late by the Western Powers. Therefore the Manchus have very few airships or much else in the way of modern technology. The current emperor, Pu Yi, is attempting to remedy this by asking the major military powers (Germania, Gallia, Britannia) for equipment; so far a few military observers and the military attaches of those countries are the only military 'aid', if it can be called that, that has arrived.

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