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The Short War
British Cavalry Charge At the Battle of Lado
British Cavalry Charge At the Battle of Lado
Start Date

20th July 1896

End Date

25th October 1896


Egypt, Sudan, West Africa, Dai Nam, Eastern Russia, Medditeranian Sea


Battle of Lado, Second Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Punjao, Battle of Vladivostok


Decisive Anglo-Japanese Victory

Turkestani Independence

British Annexation of French Africa

British Protectorate over Dai Nam

Japanese Influence Over Korea and Manchuria


Third French Republic

The Empire of Russia

The British Empire

Japanese Empire


Tsar George I

General Turbov

General Nicholaich

Queen Victoria

Prime Minister Gladstone

Deputy Prime Minister Cunninghame-Graham

Lieutenant Winston Churchill

Emperor Meiji

General Kakamura

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