Welcome to Shame of the Founding Fathers. We all know about the Cold War, and the USA victory over the USSR. But, what if something very different had happened? What if Ronald Reagan was not elected President? And Mikael Goborchav was not Premier of the USSR? This is what might have been...

Albert Burnside: Outdated is the Bill of Rights.

Our story begins with the rise of Albert Burnside. Born in 1947, Burnside is elected President in 1983, with his charismatic attitude earned great popularity. He blamed the USA hardships on the Bill of Rights, and earned massive public acclaim. The people believed him. However, certain members of Congress felt he was a power hungry madman, and made any attempt to bring him down.

Meanwhile, in Europe, National Socialism was on the rise again. Spain become the first of these countries, and Italy followed after.

More will come.

The growing tension

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