The Shadow Captain is a 1998 video game that's based on the 1997 film of the same name staring Michael Jai White as the title character. He also voices the character in the video game.


The player plays the Shadow Captain (voiced by Michael Jai White) as tries to solve a mystery involving an Australian sea town. The player must defeat strange wolf-human hybrids invading the town with pistols and other weapons such as swords. The player must also collect gold coins or silver dollars in order to refuel the player's supplies such as gun ammunition. The player must also get advices from a mysterious fisherman (voiced by Charlie Adler) who always appears out of nowhere. The player must also have a battle with a game boss, which are mutated humans (each voiced by Diedrich Bader) created by the Huntress (voiced by Lauren Bacall)

If the title character dies, then the title character will restart at the checkpoint, where you save your location.

Once the player wins the game by defeating the Huntress, the game will end with the Shadow Captain dying peacefully on his ship after being stabbed by the deceased Huntress, then the game will automatically restart at the very beginning of the game itself.

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