The Seven Stars Archipelago
Bảy ngôi sao quần đảo(Vietnamese)
Qīxīng qúndǎo(Pinyin)
Seven Stars
Seven stars flag.png
The Seven Stars.png
CapitalHope Island(English)
Hy Vọng Đảo(Vietnamese)
Largest city Hope Island
Government Principality
 •  Prince(English)
Hoàng Tử(Vietnamese)
Dương Bao Yu Sung
Currency Mill Stars ₥ (MSR)


The peoples of The Seven Stars Archipelago are descendants of Vietnamese and Chinese fishermen who made their way to the islands around 1900 AD. The Prince came to power and proclaimed the new nation in 1930 AD.

Only one or two islands in each province are inhabited with cities. The other islands are sparsely populated.

There are 7 provinces.


The head of state is the Prince. The current ruling house is the House of Sung. The throne is called the Iris Throne. 

Each inhabited island is a city within its own right. Each province has a representative in the Island Assembly. Each district had a representative in the Island Assembly as well. The district representative helps govern the rural area of their province. Some provinces have 2 or 3 districts. Each city is governed by a mayor.

List of Monarchies

Dương Bao Yu Sung (Current)

Major Tourist Attractions

Phượng Ya Bai Arena - Built for the 2015 Asian Games

Star city- Floating city

Grand Palace of Hope

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