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The Seven Against Doomsday (Often stylized 7vDD or VII Vs DD)  was a series of tours undertaken by fourteen bands to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Doomsday. The name of the "Megatour", as it was popularly known, comes from an ancient Greek Classical play by Aeschylus, called The Seven Against Thebes . As each of the fourteen bands went on tours throughout the world- starting on August 1st, and always ensuring that none of the bands was in the same region at the same time- they crafted their stories, which placed them either as the "attackers" (The Seven Against Doomsday), or as the "defenders" (The Seven For Doomsday), just as in the play. This was all planned out by the bands, before. After the initial tours, the bands began to group together with others on their side, until the final, largest concert, in Canberra, which had the two sides perform an Amp-on-Amp concert, on September 26th, 2013.

The seven bands that took part as the Seven Against Doomsday were: BacklashCarbon and Peaches, Dragonhead, Infinite Recursion, The Griffin's Doom, Silky Ion, and Blood Moon.

The seven bands that made up the Seven For Doomsday were: Detonation, Mortal Inferno, Thrice in a Blue Moon, Black Sabbath, AlestormElectric Treason, and Bashful Thunder .

Two of the bands - Detonation and Infinite Recursion - announced that they would break up following the concert.




Dates of Tours


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